What’s up with chicks and science?

Early evening at the Avant-Garde Bar. My mom is sitting in her usual spot, working on her laptop, while my dad is tending to the customers. The opening band is getting set up for their performance and the rest of musicians are curiously wandering around the bar, looking at posters. One of them approaches my mom for a chat:

“What’s that on your screen?” – he points to the pdf of a mathematics book that my mom is using as a reference for a math lesson she is preparing.
– It’s a math book.
– Oh, what’s your profession?
– I’m a mathematician.
– A musician?
– No, a mathematician.
– What? You are a magician?
– I’m a mathematician.
Awkward silence. Looks confused for a few seconds and decides to give up on a conversation. Rejoins the rest of the band.

Ring of the curtain.

2 thoughts on “What’s up with chicks and science?

  1. Brilliant post, Alena.

    I see the possibilities of integrating corporate challenges in with ecosystem cycles.
    You see I have breasts.
    I work to better engage government agencies into committing to using natives in green infrastructure.
    You ogle at the infrastructure making my hips sway.
    I earnestly strive to give each of my students tools they’ll need to succeed when competing for jobs.
    You lament that your company is working to hire a few more women.
    You are not all men, but you and your cronies are the stones in a wall I must climb.

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